It has been a while since I have written a love letter. But with our 12 year anniversary coming up, I feel again this big wave of gratitude, of love, towards the one person who has kept me sane for a long while. Who loves me no matter what. His sleepy face is the first thing I see in the morning and the last I kiss when we cuddle up under one big (but never big enough) Dutch blanket at night.

We all need to find our own inner balance and be happy with who we are on the inside. As an individual. But that can sometimes be a lot easier with the right person next to you. I don’t take my husband for granted seeing as so many relationships around us are struggling, people questioning their motivation to be together. And it’s never easy, is it? (Yeah, I know my parents told me so …)

I am not saying I am an easy person to live with either. In fact, I am very positive my family is putting up with a lot of my emotional outbursts on a frequent basis. The more time I spend at home, the more rain outside, the worse it can actually get 😛 But if we understand each other, we might read the signs that are saying “I am dealing with something here, don’t take it personal”. We can let the other one be. And if they can’t figure it out themselves, we are always there as a backup.

Sometimes I wish I could take that load off his shoulders, the hard part, the worrying, the tension. When you see your loved ones struggling, that is the natural thing to leap for. But eventually, we cannot sprinkle fairy dust all over. We cannot cover up our emotions with rainbow colors and expect them to magically disappear beneath.

We need the struggle. We need to let those emotions be. They are part of our being human. Eventually we will move forward. Grow. As individuals and as a couple. Until the dust settles again: Go lightly, my love. And know that you are the world to me.





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